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Mani Peninsula
Welcome to West Mani!

Mani Peninsula invites you to visit and explore it: towers, tower houses, stone-built houses, castles and bridges, cobbled streets and Byzantine monasteries well hidden in the land of Mani. With the shadow of the Taygetos above its many sandy, stony or rocky beaches, the area combines vegetation with the rocky and wild element that characterizes it.

From Athens it will take you about 3 hours and 45 minutes.  From Kalamata onwards the road has twists and turns but you will get a taste of Taygetos Mountain and when you descend towards Kardamyli the view will reward you!

From Kalamata airport it will take you about 1 hour.

Agios Nikolaos – the fishermen’s village you will be overlooking from Gea Mani Villas
Or as it used to be called “Selinitsa” meaning little Selene or little Helen. The small fishing village that you will have a view from our villas. Picturesque little harbour with fresh fish daily from the fishermen. Enjoyable afternoons and evenings and morning dives from Gnospi or for those who want something more organized but nevertheless calm the beach Pantazi.

The villages around us
The villages around us are many. Just 4 km from Stoupa with the sandy beach of Kalogria  and 12 km from Kardamyli, the most popular and beloved villages of the area. On the road from Stoupa to Kardamyli, you will find the beaches of Delphinia and Foneas. A must swim in their beautiful waters. They are not organized, but at Delfinia there is a canteen with a view and snacks.

But it is worth visiting Agios Dimitrios and Trachila villages, Katafygi beach, Kalamitsi beach, and if you are in the mood for even wilder scenery and exhilaration, head towards Laconia’s villages to Oitilo and Gerolimenas.
The settlement of Milea or Fagrianika with its traditional houses with their distinctive decoration and the monastery of “Panagia  Yatrissa”. Enjoy the views to Koroni from the authentic village of Nomitsi. A tower worth visiting is the Tower of Koukea (built in 1800) in the village of Zacharia or Libohovo, which is located at an altitude of 680 m.

You will certainly see signs to it or hear about the house of Patrick Leigh Fermor near Kardamyli, the English-Irish writer and famous local resident.  It is actually a museum house built in a prominent and beautiful location with a Mediterranean garden.

About 20 minutes from Agios Nikolaos on the road to Neochori there is the mountainous village of Kastania with a view of the sea and the wonderful tavern Klemataria, which offers local meat.
Local delicacies to take with you
We pick them out and love them:

– Lalagia: the most delicious breadsticks. The best and most delicious. It drives young and old alike crazy.

– Honey of Mani

– Local dried figs

– Pasteli – sesame and honey bars

– Siglino – this delicious cured Mani pork
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